Summer Break Starts NOW

It’s the most wonderful tiiime offfff the yeeeeear… (If you didn’t sing that, I will wait till you go back and do so.)

Have you sung it? Ok, you may continue.

Why am I so jolly? I hear you ask. Well, my friend, I have reached the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

The tunnel being exam season and the light being sweet, sweet summer break ❤


It is the best feeling ever, after what seems like an eternity of late nights and surviving on caffeine.

I can finally just go out without the daunting thoughts of heaps and stacks of work waiting for me.

It seems as though I’ve been so fixated to these exams, that I noticed nothing else. It’s odd, because I’m usually very observant of my surroundings.

Now when I walk outside I’m in awe.

When did the cherry blossoms bloom? Where the daisies and the fresh air always this nice?

Everything seems like sunshine and rainbows – and I LOVE it!

So if you’re done with your exams join me in celebration on this blog, by commenting what your plans are for this summer.

 And to my poor comrades that are still fighting the fight… we wait for you, arms starched out, at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

…But our arms are getting tired, so comment when you’re gonna be done.

Lots of love sent your way,



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