Vaseline Hacks


For people that have dry skin, like myself, I wanted to share with you my quick, easy and affordable hacks using Vaseline.

1. Overnight Therapy

For those of you that want smooth glowing skin, but aren’t ready to throw cash at the big brands that promise a miracle in a bottle, I have thy solution. And it goes a little something like…

After you’re done with your night time routine, wash your face clean with lukewarm water. Take a generous dollop of Vaseline and apply it gently and evenly all over your face. Feel free to give yourself a little face massage at this point – I know I do.

And sleep.

In the morning wash it off with cold or lukewarm water, before carrying on with your morning routine.

What I always find is that my skin looks well rested and smoother than it otherwise would.

2. Eyelashes Enhancer

Eyelash curlers, mascaras and the rough process of make-up removal, all take their toll on naturally long and strong lashes. So protect the hypothetical curtains to the metaphorical windows of your soul… I’m talking about your eyelashes.

Rubbing a modest amount of Vaseline between you forefinger and thumb, carefully apply it to your eyelashes. Try not to get it into your eyes, trust me it’s a pain in the butt.

Do this as often as you think you need, I tend to do it at about twice a week.

I’ve heard that for some people their eyelashes got longer using Vaseline. Although this wasn’t the case for me, they do look thicker and stronger.

3. Lip Therapy

Chapped lips. A pain in the neck with a surprisingly simple solution. Now listen carefully…

Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to clean lips before bed (again, after your night time routine) and I mean a THICK layer.

And Sleep.

In the morning take a cloth, dab the cloth in warm/hot water (obviously – don’t use boiling water! Make sure you’re using a temperature you’re comfortable with. To sum it up; don’t burn yourself) and rub the petroleum jelly residue off with the cloth. Then apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your lips and carry on with your day, avoid excess lip products where ever you can. Repeat this process as many nights as required.

I found that the second or third night of doing this my once chapped lip where smooth and looked soft.

4. Lock in moisture

I tend to do this with my hands and face before bed. Apply your normal moisturiser, in my case coconut oil. When you’re done applying it add your petroleum jelly on top, rub it in and you’re done.

I don’t know if this actually does anything but in my mind the petroleum jelly locks in the moisture of my oil. #science

5. Keep it clean

Since most of my tips are bed time tricks, it could get your pillow covers a bit messy. So I would recommend covering your pillow with a soft, clean material. Like… a spare pillow cover? I believe it is called the sacrificial lamb.

And that is it party people. Have a go and let me know.

On an important side note, it’s national doughnut day.

I didn’t know that it was a thing, but twitter doesn’t seem to be joking around with it. And I am certainly not complaining. So… WooHoo Doughnuts!  Here I come krispy kreme #NationalDonutDay

Lots of love sent your way,


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