Back to school: Morning Hacks

It’s the start of a new academic year and it can be hard to get back into the flow of things. How many months has it been now?

…No, really… I’ve lost track.

So here are some tips and tricks to help you get back into the rhythm of those pesky morning routines.


1) Shower

If you’re not the earliest bird in the world, it might be a good idea to have a shower the night before so you wake up refreshed and clean. So in the case where you only have 15 minutes to get to school you don’t waste 20 in the shower.

2) Pack your bag and lunch

Packing a lunch, the night before not only ensures that you have enough time to think of a healthy meal plan that suits your dietary needs, but you also save money you would otherwise have spent in the overpriced cafeteria or surrounding cafes. Not to mention the time that you would have spent frantically looking for money is saved. Its honestly just a win: win situation.

All homework assignments and notebooks should be neatly tucked away into your backpack ready for the following day of classes. So that when you do roll up to school you look cute and organised, not muddled and flustered.

3) Have your go to outfit in hand

In the event that you wake up 15 minutes before morning bell, the last thing that you need is an outfit crisis. So have a hand full of go to outfits just tucked away in your closet paired and folded with everything that you’ll need to walk out the door with. It doesn’t have to be anything super complicated or fancy. My Emergency outfit consists of a black dress white socks and Nike trainers. Simplicity in this situation is probably for the best.

4) Breakfast on the go

If you wake up late that is no excuse not to have a good breakfast that will fuel the rest of your day. So if you don’t want to waste 10 of the 15 minutes that you have eating breakfast. Drink your breakfast.

Blending some fruits and veggies together early in the morning and taking it with you on the way is a great alternative. You can have a milk based shake or a water based juice. What tickles your fancy? I prefer the water based stuff. Comment below to let me know what your preference is.

5) To Do List

If you are like myself and you would forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on then this next tip will certainly be very helpful.

The night before write a list of everything that needs to be done the following day and carry that list around with you that day. Put it in a place where you can glance at it from time to time so that it jogs your memory. I would recommend you pop it in your wallet or pencil case or glue take it inside your favourite folder.

The note can have anything written on the inside from “Don’t for to hand in homework!!!” to “Nail appointment 15/09/2016 with the girls <3” Funky colours and bold texts aren’t a bad idea either.

So those are my morning routine Hacks! Comment below and let me know of any hacks that you have that would benefit the late risers of the world.

Lots of love sent your way,


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