God I just freaking LOVE Autumn | Safaa.J.

Seasonal change is a concept that many of us are familiar with

This pivotal time of year affects all aspects of one’s life. From fashion faux pas to trendy and chic food items.

SO here is the rundown of the top things that come along with the awesomeness that is Autumn.

Enjoy ❤



Let start with the obvious here. Autumn is the season of the pumpkin. An unsavoury and forgotten fruit any other time of the year but now that its autumn this orange produce takes the lime light appearing in every recipe known to humanity… I’m not a fan.


Autumn attire ❤

The warm fluffy oversized sweatshirts, cute comfortable jumpsuits and beanie hats. Well… They’re baaaaaaack! God I love autumn.


As much as I love flamboyant nail colours. I love earthy subtle shades. And autumn is the perfect season to reflect the cool and casual climate through the tips of your fingers.


Now that fall is here and winter is approaching the days are, but of course, getting shorter. As a result when I am out and about running errands, the sun sets.  And I love a sun set.  So I often just stand in the middle of the street taking in the natural daily beauty. I’m sure anyone that passes thinks I’m lost and confused. … Of course the sun sets every other season also… but… I just like… this one.


Now that summer is over say goodbye to sweaty pit stain on shirts. Don’t lie we’ve all had a damp under arm situation going on at some point in our lives. And quite frankly… it’s kinda funny (HeHeHe)


And now… for the grand finale. The mother of all autumn awesomeness perks. The granddaddy of them all. It is now OK to stay in and form a human cocoon made out of multiple duvets, blankets and pillows in front of the telly. Have you ever heard of anything that sounds more heavenly?

…If you have, feel free to comment down below… but it is going to take some convincing on your part. So comment below and let me know.

Lots of love sent your way,


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