Quick and Easy Vegetarian Lasagne | Safaa.J.

Simple as 1 2 3 recipe for that warm and filling feeling. Perfect for the coming winter and the present fall season.
Its fool proof… Trust me.



Gather some of your favourite veggies
Tomato Sauce
White sauce
Lasagne noodles


Pre heat your oven to 180c
Layer vegetables on your oven proof dish. Top the veggies with your tomato sauce, cover with lasagne sheets and finish with your white sauce, and repeat… till you run out of ingredients >.<
Your top layer should be your white sauce. Sprinkle (or smother) your cheese over your dish and place in the oven for 45 minutes at 160c till golden brown and bubbling.
And that is your easy as pie, lasagne recipe.

What are your go to recipes for the winter? Comment below, cause I would love to know ❤

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2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Vegetarian Lasagne | Safaa.J.

  1. I’m literally having the worst day ever…read this post and thought to myself 💭💭wow this sounds so easy to make i could add a bit of chicken to it too since i love my meat. Long story short i went into the kitchen got everything ready only to find out no cheese 😭😭😭😭…how is there no cheese when there’s white sauce 😔😔

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