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I had a test today and I have an interview tomorrow. So today I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this post to the importance of organisation. Organisation, procrastination, planning; these are all words that we use more and more as we get older. Why? because the older we get the more we are in control of our lives and the less people step in to help us out. Fact.

So its important to develop beneficial habits that make getting work done easier. Here are 2 tips that I really recommend.


Buy a big BIG one and hang it somewhere so that you see it often and clearly. Fill it in with bright colours and maybe decorate it with sticker. Basically do what you need to do so that you can see that you actually have things to do. No you can’t watch that entire season of Game of Thrones cause you have a deadline. No you can’t go out because your calendar is full. Priorities people, priorities.

Motivation Board

Hang a motivational board next to your calendar with all the things that you are working towards, so that every time you don’t really feel like writing that essay or making that presentation or making a blog post, your dreams and aspirations are there to remind you of the reason that your doing what your doing. Hopefully that will be the swift kick up your backside that you need.

Do you have any #Hacks that you swear by? Let me know and comment below.

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