Nail Care Hacks | Safaa.J.

Every time a nail breaks a rainbow dies. Fact.

I love strong, healthy long nailbeds. I am forever scrolling through Instagram looking at perfect nails. But I don’t have the patients to sit there… and get them done. It just takes way WAY too long and I really can’t be bothered. Also removing polish to Pray and then reapplying it… Such as waste of time. So instead of doing that, I now focus more on the natural ways to grow out stronger healthier nails. And here is what I’ve discovered:

Dishes are the devil

I’ve been told that doing household chores, such as the dishes, really take a toll on your hands; Especially your nails. Never had that even crossed my mind.

Oil conditioners

Oil is a great conditioner for your nails and a good chance for a massage. Even if your nails do not get particularly stronger or longer, they will become healthier.

Orange Juice?

Apparently because Orange juice has super high levels of orange juice soaking your hands in a little orange makes your nails stronger. I will defiantly have a good go and let you know my findings.

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