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A good 40% of the time when I’m online, I’m window shopping. Needless to say that I seem to have a new habit. Good or bad only time will tell.

I don’t know if I’m the only one but… every time I come across something I like, whether I have intentions of buying it or not, I take a screenshot.

Not entirely sure what it is that I am saving these items for but I thought I would do a mini photo gallery haul.

Is that a thing? No? Well it is now!

Here are the Last 5 items I screen grabbed and saved to my gallery… this should be interesting.

A Kate Spade thermal travel mug.

When university was starting up, I was adamant that I did NOT fancy spending a zillion bucks on Starbucks this year. So what is the solution to this problem? Travel Mugs.

Now, half way into the year, I have 3 travel mugs. I don’t need anymore and to be honest I don’t really know why I have this screen grab. I don’t know…

Accessorize feather printed backpack.

I love backpacks. The only problem I have with backpacks is that I feel like most look similar so I always feel like I have too many of the same kind of bag but… this one is really, really cute though…,acc_1.7/1897470300

Skinny Dip Fried Egg Phone Case.

I have this thing with phone cases. I really don’t need to be looking for more. I have a ridiculous amount and I only use one (The one that is on my phone right now). Some might call it a collection.

Others might call it a problem…

New Look Gold Geo rings

I buy jewellery. I lose jewellery. I buy jewellery. And I lose jewellery. It is the cycle of my life. Now excuse me while I go buy jewellery so I can lose it later…

Ted Baker Jacy

I’m not a girly girl (at least I don’t think I am). And I’ve always felt that most Ted Baker Bags have a distinctive feminine feel to them. Which, usually, is not my thing.

But… have a weakness for the bag. I really do…It would go with absolutely nothing that I own… but…

So now that you’ve seen the inner most private parts of my life (i.e. my photo gallery) … feel free to subscribe.

Me thinks that’s a fair trade.

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