Hair mask Hack | Safaa.J.

Some really accessible inexpensive ingredients, that are probably just laying around your kitchen. Here are my favourites:


Yes, it smells. Yes, its cold and squishy and yucky. And Yes, I can see the difference it make to my hair. Honestly my hair looks shiner and stronger. So put that nose plug on and get on with it!

You are what you eat

And so is your hair. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and proteins. A good healthy diet is going to make you hair look healthy.

Heat protect

You can eat the best foods in the world and apply the best hair masks, but if your burning your hair, there is no fixing it. Heat damage is straitening, curling, drying; any form of styling that applies heat. Protect your hair so that your effort don’t go to waste.

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