3 Summer Life Hacks | Safaa.J.

Summer is here and my Graduation is coming up! I am so so SO excited. #Graduation2017. A post on my outfit is coming your way soon. *Looking forward to it? Excited? It’s OK if you’re not because I have enough happy to go all around*

As much as summer is loved *and we do love you summer, don’t get me wrong* it can get a tad repetitive. It’s all fun and games till you run out of things to do and your rattling around the house waiting for the never ending freedom to end *Eww. I can’t believe I just said that* But come every summer it’s always the same. Starts off AMAZING, spontaneous and busy but soon the infamous dry spell hits and you crash down to the reality that you honestly have nothing to do… I mean Netfix only has so many shows.

So here are some tips, tricks and hacks to help you savour summer 2017 to its maximum capacity.


#1 Walking isn’t just for Dogs

Walks are my favourite pass time. It gives you a chance to catch up on podcasts, take steps towards your health goals *How are those New Year New Me 2017 goals going BTW?* or just think.

Walk out your house one day, with no real goal, and see where you end up. Sometimes you find hidden gems like walk ways with spectacular aesthetics tucked away from the world behind a busy road and sometimes you end up at not so great destinations *Like the random petrol station I ended up at one time*

Precious stone or meritless endeavour; you’ll never know till you go, pop your trainers on and take a look around.

And if you’re adamant that you know every nook and cranny, you’re not going far enough. *Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…* Please feel free to sing that bit, I know I did.


#2 Summer To Do List

Plan for your days out. Gather your friends and you all suggest a new destination to go to or activity to do; paintballing, new bowling alley, amusement park, skating ring, pottery making, petting zoo even. Whatever your thing is write them down and check off everything.

But pace yourselves though. Going through the list in a week is counterproductive because you hit the slump of not having anything to do faster *which we need to avoid yes?*

The anticipation of knowing that you’ll be meeting up with your friends to try new things *and eventually them having to do your activity* is a lot more fun than it sounds.

If you really wanted to spice things up; do weekly challenges. Try things outside your comfort zone. Things get funny when you want to do something that the others hate, like taking your friend with the two left feet to a dancing class *or is that one just mean?… Nah*

Put the list somewhere you can see daily so that when summer is over you can look back fondly on all the things you did.

#3 Hobbies For All

Try your hand to a new hobby. I tried Knitting. Granted I only have a 3 by 10 inch scarf to show for it but it was an interesting new activity, one that… well ended in a 3*10 mess. Go through a handful of activities *Warning: expect failures* and you’ll find one you like or you’ll have kill your summer trying *Hay at least you had something to do*

Or hone in on a pastime that you already do and just get better. Whatever you do this summer let me know, because I need to try new things. *being the creature of habit that I am*

Let me know in the comments below or on any of my social medias. I’m always listening… In a non creepy way. Anyway…

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