Amazing Summer Wish List | Safaa.J.


Well, birth… month.
Yes, here on Safaa.J. we celebrate the month of August, the elite month of the year, as all rejoice at the remembrance  of my birth. *I’ll give you a moment, I can sense that you need it*
So to kick off this monumental time in all our lives *OK, maybe just my life* I have Wish List post for you.
As I browse the inter-web, I love to show people what I love because in my mind there is no way you don’t love it too. So be prepared to coo and ahh over the next couple of items and while you do so, feel free to follow me on my blog site Safaa.J. and my Insta-the-gram. *Go on, I’ll wait*

Michel Kors

The Jet Set Travel Large Saffiano Leather Cross body; simplicity at its finest.
It is a pretty nice bag and the shades Admiral and Pearl Grey are absolutely gorgeous. I want it, so into my wish list it goes.

River Island

I’ve just purchased the Black raised cord tote bag and now I want to do a U turn and get my baby the little sister that is the Red triple compartment cross body bag. Which is why you are going on my wish list.


Comfort has always been my thing, but now that the ‘I woke up like this’ look is in, it’s time for me to really shine. I can look effortlessly cute while running around like a headless chicken with errands? it’s a game changer people, total game changer.
And Pink too? Need I say anymore? Me think not. Into the Wish List you go Women Originals NMD_R2 Shoes.
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Until next time
Lots of Love sent your way,
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