What Are You Wearing Under There?!?! | Safaa.J.

I love a good story. There have been many a time when I’ve been in a public space, being antisocial (#NoShame) staring at my phone, when suddenly and unexpectedly I come across something funny and BURST into laughter. And when I say “BURST into laughter” I’m not talking about a cute giggle. I mean loud, high pitched inhales, tearing, a little drool and violent clutching of the stomach. It’s not a cute sight. Trust me.
Whether it’s an Instagram post, a YouTube video, a Podcast or a blog, the punch lines get me EVERY time. And yes I get odd stares and people slowly budging away from me :/ but that’s O.K.
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So here on my little corner of the InterWeb I want to share a little HAHA and LOLs. Because, and I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, I AM one of THE funniest people I know. #Fact
And now that I have raised your expectations to an unattainable level and basically set myself up for failure, I hope you enjoy the following story time segment that is now a thing here on Safaa.J.
Once upon a time (seems a fitting start) many moons ago (I’m getting there) I was approached in a public restroom and asked what I was wearing under my dress.
And No I didn’t report the incident to the PoPo, and here is why.
As a Muslim women, and please comment if you can relate, my choice in clothing can be really different when compared to what is #Trending and #Hot. Often I wear the traditional Abaya and a head scarf. And people get curious.
My friends and I have been asked so many ODD things and we sometime sit around and laugh about it. So I am inviting you into this secret club.
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“Do you have to wear that at home?” *pointing at the head scarf* Yes. I sleep in it, I shower in it and it never leaves my person, which is why it smells so amazing and fresh.
“You would look so much better if you showed your hair.” How would you even know that? Do you follow me around and wait for me to be in an environment where I would take it off? Is that how you are able to compare me with a scarf to me without a scarf? Are you a Peeping Tom? You don’t have to do all that, you could just check out my instagram and double tap, tag all your friends, spread the word that I am an amazing person and your new found knowledge that you can’t judge a book by the cover (As cute as the cover maybe…)
And my personal favourite: Do you have to wear that? Yes, I am held captive and on the daily forced, at gun point, my capturers screaming at me to dress the way they want me to dress. Please, save me. OBVIOUSLY NOT.
I am scared at how numb I have become to these lines of questioning. Is this a normal thing to be asked? And if you were ever asked if you were going commando, how would you respond?
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