Eid 2017 | Safaa.J.

Glad tidings for all during this special, warm and jolly time. I hope you are all surrounded by family and friends and I pray that you all have a spectacular day and a wonderful rest of year (Ameen). This summer has been SO busy for me that, unfortunately I wasn’t able to plan anything over the top and extravagant for Eid (So I didn’t get to make my grand Unicorn entrance) but I did get to spend the day with my loved ones and (equally, if not more importantly) the food was great! *Shout out to you Mammy*
I had to harass my sister to take a photo of me in the middle of the street. After literally 3 photos later she walked away embarrassed. Thanks sis.
Eid Elegance was defiantly the theme this year. Minimal make up *No, not because I woke up late and almost missed Eid prayers* and a simple dress *No, not because I forgot to buy a dress* … Don’t Judge me.
I don’t have a story to tell you about my failed Eid this year but I do have something else up my sleeve. We all know how much I love reading (well you do now) and I love Wattpad stories! I love the ‘easy to create’ aspect of it all and I’ve signed up and I plan on releasing a little something something there soon (Check it out at thesafaaJ). Make sure that you’re following my Twitter because there are a lot more updates there and my instagram because I’m really getting into Instagram stories now.
What did you guys do this Eid? Was it fun or was it a fat fail like mine? Comment below because I want to know.
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Until next time
Lots of Love sent your way,
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