Cheap Ring Lights | Safaa.J.

For the longest time ever I have used natural lighting for anything photo related. Instagram, Blog or Snapchat the sun has never let me down. Sun and I had a mutual understanding, except now she does this really selfish thing and … sets. I know. Ridiculous. Know what’s not ridiculous? Having a look at my…… Continue reading Cheap Ring Lights | Safaa.J.

What Are You Wearing Under There?!?! | Safaa.J.

I love a good story. There have been many a time when I’ve been in a public space, being antisocial (#NoShame) staring at my phone, when suddenly and unexpectedly I come across something funny and BURST into laughter. And when I say “BURST into laughter” I’m not talking about a cute giggle. I mean loud,…… Continue reading What Are You Wearing Under There?!?! | Safaa.J.

Wedding Guest Wears White Gown to Friends Wedding?!?! | Safaa.J.

I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much or so hard. My dearest sweetest kindest friend got MARRIED! She is an angel sent from the heavens to brighten the life of every person that she ever meets and I am blessed to have known her for the past 11 years. *WOW I’m old* It was…… Continue reading Wedding Guest Wears White Gown to Friends Wedding?!?! | Safaa.J.

3 Summer Life Hacks | Safaa.J.

Summer is here and my Graduation is coming up! I am so so SO excited. #Graduation2017. A post on my outfit is coming your way soon. *Looking forward to it? Excited? It’s OK if you’re not because I have enough happy to go all around* As much as summer is loved *and we do love…… Continue reading 3 Summer Life Hacks | Safaa.J.