DIY valentine’s chocolates | Safaa.J.

The highlight of Valentine’s Day is chocolate. DIY valentine’s chocolates is such a thoughtful and inexpensive gift. Layering chocolate Melt white chocolate and milk chocolate in 2 separate glass bowls over boiling water. Fill your mould half way with white chocolate and let that set in the fridge. Then fill the mould to the top…… Continue reading DIY valentine’s chocolates | Safaa.J.

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Distressed denim jacket | Safaa.J.

Jackets: boohoo Denim is one of those must have that can be rocked any season of the year, and at most events. And since most people know that it is a must have item, most people have it. How do you stand out from the crowd? I hear you ask. Simple. By spicing up your…… Continue reading Distressed denim jacket | Safaa.J.


Dry Skin Scrubs and Masks For Winter | Safaa.J.

Winter is only around the corner which can only mean 1 thing. Dry skin. So I am here to share my two part skin care routine that I use all year round maybe once or twice a month to help keep the flacks and cracks that come with dry skin at bay. My magical ingredient?…… Continue reading Dry Skin Scrubs and Masks For Winter | Safaa.J.


Love your nails | Safaa.J.

I have periods where I am obsessed with my nails. Then I have periods where they look absolutely ridiculous. And over the years of me trying to perfect my nails I’ve come across some things that work great. I mean I’ve come across a lot of epic fails… But I guess there’s no point in…… Continue reading Love your nails | Safaa.J.

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There’s no place like home

There really is no place like home. I missed the rain that greeted me at the airport and welcomed the cool crisp air. I’ve longed for the thick accent of the locals. I also seemed to have missed the oddest things…like my hover. And even I can appreciate how peculiar that must sound. Yes, the…… Continue reading There’s no place like home

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Trip to Morocco

If you guys follow me on instagram, you would have noticed that I am currently in the stunning Morocco. Yay, holiday! The culture here is so beautiful and strong. I am enjoying myself immensely. Heheh. Follow me on my social medias to enjoy this extraordinary journey with me. Ill try my best to post as much as…… Continue reading Trip to Morocco