Love your nails | Safaa.J.

I have periods where I am obsessed with my nails. Then I have periods where they look absolutely ridiculous. And over the years of me trying to perfect my nails I’ve come across some things that work great. I mean I’ve come across a lot of epic fails… But I guess there’s no point in…… Continue reading Love your nails | Safaa.J.

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Eye of the beholder

When I do a makeup look my accent point is usually my lips. Matt or glossy? Nude or bold? These are important decisions people. So important in fact, that everything else often takes a back seat. So in the spirit of switching things up, I’ve turned my attention to other features, namely my eyes. Using Eye…… Continue reading Eye of the beholder

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There’s no place like home

There really is no place like home. I missed the rain that greeted me at the airport and welcomed the cool crisp air. I’ve longed for the thick accent of the locals. I also seemed to have missed the oddest things…like my hover. And even I can appreciate how peculiar that must sound. Yes, the…… Continue reading There’s no place like home